Ambient lighting
Ambient lighting
Václav Pešek
Sep 04, 2019

Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of light for a certain room. It is the foundation of all the lighting of a room. Aside from the basic lighting functionality, the ambient lighting improves the sense of warmth and depth of a room or space.

Lighting is a very important aspect for every room in your home. However, its proper utilization and placement can often be overlooked. Having a bad case of lighting in a quite impressive room downplays the beauty of the interior.

There are three basic types of lighting that can work to improve a certain room; the ambient lighting, task lighting, and the accent lighting. An excellent lighting plan maximizes the use of these three lighting types to illuminate a room depending on function and style. Task and accent lighting are more specific on its purpose while ambient lighting provides the overall illumination to a room. This type of lighting should never be taken for granted.

SlimSophie - Ambient lighting

Ambient light is a soft glow that blankets your space just enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. In photography and cinematography, ambient light is considered the "natural light" within a room. In décor, ambient light is very similar, except you create the ambient light by making the room's lighting as natural and flat as possible. While ambient light is meant to get you safely from point A-to-B, it is not ideal for working closely with things or to highlight things around your space.

SlimSophie The Perfect Example of Ambient Lighting

- from the FRAUMAIER collection, designed by Felix Severin Mack.

Simple, stylish and delicate. It follows the design of traditional floor lamps and combines it with modern charm and new technology. That is SlimSophie - a classic amongst the designs from the FRAUMAIER label. A graphic and weightless design that has not only conquered the hearts of contemporary designs lovers in over 25 countries but also countless spaces.

The unique color palette covers a wide range from light color accents to harmonious earthy colors that makes the lamp a perfect addition to any environment. The high chintz-covered shade only expresses its color if there are no other light sources in the room. Most light is spread through the openings from below and above the shade which itself produces a soft light and color. The base made from steel in a glossy powder coating makes the lamp light but steady at the same time.

The base size is not much bigger than a letter so the lamp itself requires little room to appeal and fits easily in small spaces and corners.

This fresh and refined luminary with its high and slim design is not only a great reading lamp but also creates a moody ambient light in the lounge or sleeping area.