Lenka Panáková Mohwish
Aug 20, 2019

Nothing beats classic for a reason. The look withstands trend and fashion. The look lasts. But saying that, it doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past.

Today’s traditional lighting embraces classic silhouettes, while injecting freshness with unexpected materials, colors and finishes. Forget this being your grandma’s traditional.

For example, CLUSTER - from the FRAUMAIER collection, designed by Felix Severin Mack

Timeless and yet modern - the versatile Mix & Match pendant creates a soft glowing light in private rooms but also in commercial areas.

The unique color palette covers a wide range from light color accents to harmonious earthy colors that makes the lamp a perfect addition to any environment.

The big and two smaller chintz-covered shade combination creating a special glowing light, is not only available in different colors, but has also a two-way suspension: a compact grape shape for round tables or an arc shape for long dining or meeting tables.

Magnets that can be placed anywhere provide a perfect support for the shade combination.

Cluster comes with removable blinds, not only completing the shades and giving them the appearance of an enclosed body, but also hiding the lightbulb.

The shades are also available separately with a single ceiling fixture as single pendants under the names Single BigCluster and Single SmallCluster.

Cluster Modern Lighting