Václav Pešek
Aug 07, 2019

When renovating a home or office or whether you are building a new construction, one must consider where they will purchase their light fixtures.  While you may research and find a less expensive fixtures online or in a big box store. These distributors get the higher volume versions where product quality is generally diminished. Many manufacturers release lower quality products that can only be found at these chain retail stores to meet certain price points. Although the products may look identical, the quality of the product found at big box and online stores is inferior to those bought at Fresh Design Products.

At Fresh Design Products, we are excited to announce our news. We have begun work on our Showroom in Atlanta, Ga. This will be a showroom, like no other lighting gallery or showroom.

This area will be designed to showcase the lighting in your home or business. The Fresh Design Products will be incorporated throughout the showroom by using the pendants and lamps in the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. Designers, Architects, Builders and Individuals will be able to visualize the ambiance high end lighting creates in each room.

When one purchases lighting from a big box store, or less expensive fixtures online, one does not have the option to have the actual feeling how the lighting will look or work in a particular room. This is where Fresh Design Products is happy to provide our new showroom to our clients to help them make an educated buying decision for their home, office, or business space.

After all a home, office, or business is one of the most expensive purchases one makes. So, why not take the time to come in learn about what style suits your taste, the type of lighting you need for a certain space, and purchase quality products.