Václav Pešek
Aug 01, 2019

We all began somewhere! Here at Fresh Design Products, as we are getting ready for an exciting new phase in our business, thought we would share where we came from and how we began.

Felix Severin Mack and namesake lady dog FRAUMAIER (in the photo).

The label for contemporary lighting design was founded in 2004 under the direction of Felix Severin Mack and namesake along with lady dog FRAUMAIER. Within only a few years the label left its colorful mark in the design market - the sought-after designs renowned for clear lines are now available in leading design shops worldwide.

The exclusive lamps are crafted in Europe (FRAUMAIER) and now in the United States (Fresh Design Products) where the lamps are manufactured on the site. The company has its headquarters in Esslingen, South-Germany, from where the luminaries start their journey to countries all over the world.



FRAUMAIER "International Dog of contemporary design", is an excellent designer, lifestyle expert and least but not last a dog.

She was born in a small German village and has installed her product range in more than 350 shops in over two dozen countries all over the world. She is very excited to be still expanding!


FRAUMAIER's idea of the future in lighting business is one of diversity. She sources independent companies who can manufacture smaller quantities at reasonable prices to keep the product prices down. She is a strong believer that these flexible companies with modern computerized production systems will build the future.

This is how she can achieve her main goal: to produce absolute fantastic design for reasonable prices in small editions.

Be a part of this vision and participate in the world of frauMaier by living with her most outstanding, colorful and lovable designs and celebrate our expansion and growth throughout the world and the USA!