Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design
Lighting is everything when it comes to interior design
Václav Pešek
Jul 24, 2019

It plays a big role in how you perceive and experience a space. The placement, intensity, and color will all contribute to a well-balanced design.
There are many design factors to consider when choosing lighting for you home. Here are three to consider.

Lighting Design Factors:

  • - Size and space
  • - Occupant’s age and preference
  • - Ceiling height and shape

Meet the Ladies: 

Let me introduce you to the beautiful Lea! Lea focuses light downward and above the fixture, making her the perfect lighting design in the dining room, over a coffee table or above an object you want to emphasize its grandeur presence. 

Lea – Straightforward, classic and elegant - the Lea pendant light provides atmospheric lighting. The chintz-related (cotton fabric with a glazed finish), slightly tapered screen always works differently due to the different combinations of inside and outside material. The black variant with a white inner life focuses the light downwards and above, the completely white variant lets the light shining through the pages. All variants come as standard with easily removable Anti-glare tube (only for LED), which covers the light source. The light source requires a common E27 socket and can be exchanged at any time. A particularly noble variant is the inside gold-coated Lea, which emits no light on the side, but a particularly warm light down and above. Due to its large diameter and at the same time not too high she also works with lower ceilings over dining tables or coffee tables but creates also in corridors or the bedroom a noble ambience.