AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER | Chintz-covered shade in white or black • inner layer laminated in gold or white unlaminated. Including a removable Plexiglass tube working as a blend.


Lea from the FRAUMAIER collection, designed by Felix Severin Mack.

Straight-lined, classic and elegant - the pendant Lea provides an attractive atmospheric light.

By changing the inner and outer material covering the slightly conical shade, it also modifies its appearance.

The black variations with the white inner layer focuses the light downwards and upwards, while the full white version spreads the light sidewards, too.

Optionally, the white and black version is also available with a removable blind shade.

A special elegant design is the gold covered Lea, which does not spread its light sidewards, but instead creates a specifically warm glow upwards and downwards.

Due to its significant diameter combined with a relatively low height the luminary is ideal for lower ceilings above dining or coffee tables. 

Also in corridors or in sleeping rooms this lamp creates an elegant atmosphere.

Data sheet

12 inch
22 inch
22 inch
7.7 lb
Maximum power
100 Watt

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