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Delicate Standard Lamp

Slim, simple, beautiful – the SlimSophie standard lamp - a design by Felix Severin Mack - stands out with a delicate, functional design. Available in different colors, the lamp is discreet yet creates a special ambiance in any room.


SlimSophie from the FRAUMAIER collection, designed by Felix Severin Mack.

Simple, stylish and delicate. It follows the design of traditional floor lamps and combines it with modern charm and new technology. That is SlimSophie - a classic amongst the designs from the FRAUMAIER label. A graphic and weightless design that has not only conquered the hearts of contemporary designs lovers in over 25 countries but also countless spaces.

The unique colour palette covers a wide range from light colour accents to harmonious earthy colours that makes the lamp a perfect addition to any environment.

The high chintz-covered shade only expresses its colour if there are no other light sources in the room. Most light is spread through the openings from below and above the shade which itself produces a soft light and colour. The base made from steel in a glossy powder coating makes the lamp light but steady at the same time.

The base size is not much bigger than a DINA4 paper so the lamp itself requires little room to appeal and fits easily in small spaces and corners.

This fresh and refined luminary with its high and slim design is not only a great reading lamp but also creates a moody ambient light in the lounge or sleeping area.

The bulb (not included) can be easily replaced and has a standard E27 fixture. The lamps are available in 3 variations: with a foot switch, a LED multi-foot dimmer or a LED multi-hand dimmer. The dimmers are suited for incandescent bulbs and high voltage halogene lamps, as well as for many dimmable LED lamps currently available on the market, and therefore its functionality is guaranteed in the future.

SlimSophie is part of the Sophie family and is complemented by its little sister, the table lamp MiniSophie and the space-filling floor lamp FatSophie.

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69.25 inch
13 inch
13 inch
10.6 lb
made of powdercoated steel wire and chintz-covered shade
Maximum power
100 Watt
foot switch

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